When you run a Civic Affairs Committee, you are directly empowering people to foster positive change. It’s “Go forth and multiply” on steroids

What You Do

What does running a Civic Affairs Committee look like?

The Problem

Lost Values

The Judeo-Christian foundations of our Canadian society are being systematically chipped away leaving us with a less just and less free country.

Dying Dialogue

The window for what is acceptable to discuss in civil discourse is shrinking. The Christian point of view has been elbowed out of the public square.


Because the Atheistic Left can’t win in a fair battle of ideas they have sought ways to bypass debate using strategies of shame, stigmatization and labelling.


trans-gender washrooms, trade unions, mainstream media, WE Movement/WE Day have all become laws of the land, or made popular days of celebration.

Solution: re-Christianize Society

What steps will we take as Civic Affairs Committees to address this issue?
  • No mainstream media backing
  • No institution backing…unions, universities, legal profession, major corporations
  • Not organized, not informed, not engaged
  • Same values
  • Large numbers
  • Partially organized
  1. Inform
    1. Regular (weekly? Monthly) summary emails to church community linking to articles
      1. Give example of “Bright’s”
    2. Bring in guest speakers
    3. Identify possible candidates to run for office
  2. Organize
    1. Civic elections…school boards
    2. nominations
      1. “If you want to influence a democracy Marc, you find a repeatable mechanism to win nomination races.”
      2. E.g. Liberal candidate in recent Burnaby-South byelection…got only 123 votes
    3. Elections…via riding boards, and volunteering for campaigns
  3. Non-partisan
    1. respect people’s freedom
    2. we should push into every institution we can…political parties, unions, universities, etc, etc


What We Do

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Meet the CAC Executive Team

Working with Civic Affairs Committees has been a joyful experience. Being able to turn parishioners into active citizens is a blessing.

Mike Stuart

CAC chair