Listen to our Founder, Marc Vella, on Apologetics Canada discuss on-the-ground experience in the realm of politics from the perspective of a “political lay person.

What is a
Civic Affairs Committee?

A Civic Affairs Committee (CAC) in a church focuses on the Christian as a citizen. Through a series of guest speakers a church’s CAC helps its members learn their civic responsibilities and equips them to engage in the public square to help their fellow citizens build a free and just society. Any church can set one up and the Christian Civic Affairs Committees of Canada is here to help you do it!

The Problem in our Culture Today

  • The Judeo-Christian foundations of our Canadian society are being systematically chipped away leaving us with a less just and less free country.
  • The window for what is acceptable to discuss in civil discourse is shrinking. The Christian point of view has been elbowed out of the public square.

The Solution

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